about me

Rae started his career in Boston after graduating Berklee College of Music. His first job was engineering at a local studio where he started developing his chops. He lived there 24 hours a day and slept on the floor, most of the time.


Rae spent studio downtime bringing in local punk bands with little funds, Rae says “some of my recording highlights were bands from the local punk scene including the FU's and Christmas.”


After several years he relocated to NYC and went to work at an independent studio in Hoboken, New Jersey, which was owned by Lenny Kravitz's producer, called Waterfront Studios.

During this time he engineered alot of hip hop records for Profile, some of his highlights included Grandmaster Flash, T la rock and Kurtis Blow, “When I wasn’t doing hip hop I was recording speed metal records for New Renaissance Records and indie records for Slash Records” he says.


In 1988 Rae relocated to Los Angeles, where he ventured into different avenues, for several years he worked as a mastering engineer, involved in re-issuing Rhino Records massive catalog. In 1994 Rae recorded and edited Henry Rollin's Grammy winning audio book "Get In The Van", later that year he helped create Rev Records, which was an avant-garde label of downbeat jazz and trip hop genre music, he was one of the staff producers.


The following year they signed and recorded a record with Dr. Kevorkian, which included jazz arrangements of his classical flute compositions. During the next few years Rae was involved in remixes and as well put out several instrumental dark ambient/new age records of my own.


In 1997 Rae started working with the band Filter, Co-Producing, Engineering and Programming/Sound Design, two Reprise releases “Title Of Record” and Amalgamut.  After this he went on to producing and engineering records for Veruca Salt, Radford, Nimbus, Skyler Stonestreet,  and engineering/programming for Army of Anyone.


Over the last year you can hear his mix work on singles for Miggs “Let The Games Begin” and Swirl 360 “Rise Over”, as well remix for Century Media Artist, In This Moment “The Blood Legion”.


Currently Rae has a mix room on the east coast in the Hudson valley and spends time mixing a lot of independently released records.  You can check out his discography and take a listen to some of his work.